Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love is in the air

Happy February to my fellow and prospective banders!!! The past couple of weeks have been quite stressful!! I hope that you all are doing well...
Let me update you on my progress! I am at a weight of of 309 lbs. I have lost 48 lbs since beginning my banding process and I'm ecstatic!! I have actually lost almost 8 pounds since finding out about my pregnancy so I am very pleased!! I have not had any issues taking my vitamins with the band which is great.  My doctor actually gave me some samples of chewable prenatal vitamins since I do have the band...they are pretty gross but I am able to swallow them without issue. I have had some concerns so far with this pregnancy but I do not believe that they are related to my band.  I have experienced some spotting, which I never did with my first child.  It has been a little scary and I have worried a lot (I know, that doesn't help matters!). My OB-Gyn has been very happy with my progression so far and is happy to leave things where they are so long as there are no band-related complications.  I do have to wonder if my port will show once my belly is bigger and tighter.  Lots to look forward to! :)
Friday is weigh day and I also have a dr. visit.  Those are always exciting!! Hopefully I will be able to report another loss. I have been told a couple of times over the past week how great I'm looking and that always makes me feel so good.  My husband issued the best compliment the other night, while I was preparing dinner nonetheless!! It's great to see those numbers on the scale drop but a comment from a friend or a loved one sure does make me smile!!

Have a great week all - lots of well wishes being sent out to my new followers who are pursuing a band. Best of luck!!
XOXO ~ Mon

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm back...

My, oh, my!! It has been way too long since my last post!! There are so many things that I need to catch you up on...where to begin???

1. After some ups and downs through the candy filled holidays I met my first goal of 30 pounds by Christmas. On Dec. 16th I had lost 30.4 pounds since getting my band.  I was ecstatic!!!

2.  On the same day that I met my first goal, I found out that I'm pregnant!! :) My huband, Aivry and I are going to have a new little Lemon drop in August. 

3.  In addition to all of that excitement, I also decided to begin working on my Master's Degree (before I found out about the new addition coming) and I have completed one class and just started another.

So that catches you up on the big things.  My weight loss has not been great since finding out that I am pregnant.  I am down 34 pounds post surgery and a total of 44 since my lap band journey began. I have spoken to my doctor and we have decided that we will try to leave my band as is for the time being.  Right now, I only have 3 cc's in my band and I am able to eat normally (for a bander).  I have been very nauseous but I have not vomitted and I am thankful for that.  As long as there are no other issues, I'm hoping that my band can help me maintain my current weight or at least something close throughout my pregnancy.  I am terrified of gaining a bunch of weight - with my son, I gained 60 pounds!! Of course, that is because I ate everything in site!! I am trying to be very focused and mindful of what I am eating and I am continuing to weigh weekly to keep a close eye on my progress.  I have not put in all of the work thus far, to throw it away now.

Between work, family, my Master's program, and being incredibly tired all of the time - I am quite busy right now.  I am going to try to make my blog a priority and update it at least once a week.  At least that way I can keep track of my progress on here and I hope to get feedback from any other banders out there who have gone through a pregnancy with a lap band.  I have lots of questions about how that all works during delivery and afterwards. Any advice or insight is welcome.  Thanks for catching up with me...blessings to all!