Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love is in the air

Happy February to my fellow and prospective banders!!! The past couple of weeks have been quite stressful!! I hope that you all are doing well...
Let me update you on my progress! I am at a weight of of 309 lbs. I have lost 48 lbs since beginning my banding process and I'm ecstatic!! I have actually lost almost 8 pounds since finding out about my pregnancy so I am very pleased!! I have not had any issues taking my vitamins with the band which is great.  My doctor actually gave me some samples of chewable prenatal vitamins since I do have the band...they are pretty gross but I am able to swallow them without issue. I have had some concerns so far with this pregnancy but I do not believe that they are related to my band.  I have experienced some spotting, which I never did with my first child.  It has been a little scary and I have worried a lot (I know, that doesn't help matters!). My OB-Gyn has been very happy with my progression so far and is happy to leave things where they are so long as there are no band-related complications.  I do have to wonder if my port will show once my belly is bigger and tighter.  Lots to look forward to! :)
Friday is weigh day and I also have a dr. visit.  Those are always exciting!! Hopefully I will be able to report another loss. I have been told a couple of times over the past week how great I'm looking and that always makes me feel so good.  My husband issued the best compliment the other night, while I was preparing dinner nonetheless!! It's great to see those numbers on the scale drop but a comment from a friend or a loved one sure does make me smile!!

Have a great week all - lots of well wishes being sent out to my new followers who are pursuing a band. Best of luck!!
XOXO ~ Mon