Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween needs to go away!!

I have been a slacker!!! I did not mean to abandon my blog for almost two weeks, but that is exactly what I have done!! Forgive me!  Let me update here....

I weighed in on 10/14 with a 1.4 pound loss..yay!! It took me about a week and a half to adjust to my fill amount.  Finally I began to fill normal again and I was able to eat more normal - well, normal for a bandster! My mom came in the weekend of the 15th and Troy took me out for a birthday dinner.  For the first time since being banded I ate steak!! Yes, I said STEAK!!!! We went to Saltgrass Steak house and shared a steak, salad, and some wonderfully yummy potatoes.  Of course, I was not able to eat much...but I took my time and the steak went down very easily.  For some reason, I was worried about eating steak - knowing that my Dr. said red meat is hard for some to eat post surgery. No problems here! YAY!!! After dinner we went to the movies (no popcorn) and saw Courageous.  GREAT MOVIE!!! If you have children, I highly recommend it!! After our movie, we got some frozen yogurt and headed back home.  It was a great evening!!! Then came Sunday...

Last Sunday we received a phone call that my husband's step brother had been involved in an accident.  As details began to come in we also learned that he had not survived the accident.  We were devastated!! He was a young, smart, vibrant, Christian boy and his life was ended far too soon for our liking.  Aaron, who is a twin, was riding his bicycle outside of Troy's home town and was struck from behind by a woman driving a large pick-up - we were told she was texting while she was driving. Apparently she didn't see him on the shoulder of the road, in the middle of the day, with bright colored clothes on.  I won't get on my soap box here - but as you can imagine it was a very hard week for our family.  We left town on Tuesday right after school and we were out of town until Friday.  I ate terribly!! I just knew that I would gain weight with everything that was going on.  I am an emotional eater plus we ate out several times.  Some how, by the grace of God, I lost a whopping 5 pounds!!!!! To be honest, I didn't believe it.  I weighed on Friday morning at my mother-in-law's house and I was convinced that her scale was wrong.  So I came home and weighed again on my scale on Saturday morning and it said the same thing!! I could not believe it!!! I am now 10 pounds away from my first goal and I am stoked!!! The 200's are a mere 27 pounds away and I am feeling better than I have in a while!! My clothes are baggy! My face is slimming! My underwear are falling off my body! My bras don't fit! These are all wonderful feelings!

Now - this week's weigh in may be a completely different story.  Halloween is Monday and I cannot seem to keep my grubby little hands out of the candy bowl!!! Curse you candy for tasting so good!!! Last night I made cookies with my son and nephews...I have had to hide them from myself.  Have I mentioned that I have NO SELF CONTROL?!?!?!??!  It's really sad and embarrassing to be honest!!! I need to work on that...note to self.  Hahha  So I will update again on Friday - the scales dont' lie or sugar coat the truth.  We'll see if I can face it on my next weigh in!!

Until then....
Make sure to tell the ones that you love, that you do.  None of us are promised tomorrow.


  1. So sorry about your husband's brother ... I will pray for you and your family. Other than that ... you're are doing great and a I agree - Hween candy is evil. So tiny, so innocent - just evil !

  2. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's step-brother. You and your family are in my prayers.

    Congrats on the weight're doing great!!

  3. I am so sorry about your brother. I lost my husbands brother the same way, he was riding his bike training for the Colorado Courage Classic in my sons name, and was hit from behind by a car load of illegal aliens with no driver's license or insurance on the car. He was killed instantly.

    My heart and prayers goes out to you and yours!

    Congratulations on the HUGE loss! That is awesome!

  4. That is so tragic! So sorry to hear about your husband's brother! We really have to be so careful with our phones in the car! Your family is in my prayers.

    Great job on the weight loss and the baggy clothes! It's such a great feeling! I'm glad you were able to eat steak. I haven't tried it yet, but I need to.

  5. Oh my! My prayers are with you and yours! Just think, hens Heaven waiting or you! So proud of you and the weight loss. Keep it up!