Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day before surgery

Well, tomorrow is the big day!!! I went to True Results this morning and met my surgeon, Dr. Marsden. He is a very nice man and really did a good job of calming my nerves and easing my fears. I am so excited!!! I am scheduled to go in tomorrow at 1:00 pm and surgery is set for 2:30. Troy and my mom will be there during surgery - I"m sure they will be happy when it's all over. :) I am trying to tidy up lose ends around the house and make sure that it's picked up. I went tonight and got more protein powder, milk, and vitamins. I think I'm all set.  Hopefully I am able to sleep tonight!!

My weight today is 347 lbs.  I actually lost 10 pounds during the six month waiting period. My heaviest has been 360 lbs. I will post a weight tracker each month or so, so I can chart my progress. I have included my before pictures in this post. It makes me very nervous to do this. Most of my pictures are from the neck up and I usually take a ton of pictures until I find one that doesn't look too dreadful.  These pictures are gross to me....but it is what it is and tomorrow is the beginning of something wonderful!!! I hope that I am able to look back at these pictures and say, wow - look how far I've come!!! Say a prayer for me! :)

                            Me at 347 lbs. - night before surgery

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