Sunday, August 28, 2011

Success so far

It's been several days since a new post has been made - I am a forgetful person and I have never kept up with a blog before. I need to be more diligent about my posts!!

Friday marked my first complete week since surgery. The doctor told me that I should only weigh once a month, but I could not go my first week without a weigh in. I weighed at school in the nurse's office and I am down 5 pounds!! I am ecstatic!! I know that realistically, not all weeks will be 5 lbs. losses - more like 2 or so. For now, I am very pleased with the progress!!

Eating is going very well also. Today, we went to Christina's Mexican restaurant for lunch. Troy and I shared platter that included a cheese enchilada. I had not even half of the enchilada, one bite of rice and beans, and a few chips before I was very full. I was shocked at how little filled me up!! I think that will be the biggest adjustment; realizing and recognizing that it won't take much for me to be full. A mind game for sure!! For this week I am on soft foods, for that I am thankful! I was getting tired of soup.

Thursday I go for my two week check up. My incisions are healing great, it seems. They are itching like crazy!!!! Soreness is mostly gone; I have had a few twinges of slight pain during a wrong move but nothing bad. So happy to be feeling great and feeling blessed!!

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