Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Devine Intervention...

I love stories where God's presence is obvious. I had one of those moments last night and today. As I said before, I am having Lap Band surgery done on Friday August 19th.  I have been concerned for a couple of weeks now on whether or not my insurance was going to approve my surgery by the deadline that I am faced with.  What should have taken 10 days to process and approve ended up taking about 17 days!! I was freaking out!!! On Monday night, I had a very hard time going to sleep.  I tossed and turned and worried about the procedure, whether or not I was going to run past the deadline, and other issues. Needless to say, it was not a restful night! Last night when I went to bed I said a prayer.  I prayed to my most Awesome God, that if this surgery was in His plan for me, that He would take away my fears, doubt, and worry.  I prayed that he would give me strength and peace of knowing that it would happen in His time and in His way. Those were my final thoughts as I fell asleep.

Now those that know me, know how stubborn I am and how I have a tendency to want to control every aspect of my life!!! God knows that about me too, and I truly feel like he was waiting on my to give this stress over to Him. Once I decided to do that, things began to turn around!! I received the phone call I had been waiting for for 17 long days this morning at 9 AM.  Within the course of an hour, I had insurance approval for my surgery, I had a Pre-Op appointment set up, followed by a surgery date that was way earlier than I expected. I know that He was looking down on me thinking, "Finally you let me have your stress - now watch what I can do!!" It's chilling to me and sure makes me wonder why I didn't do it sooner!! I often struggle to remember that things do not happen according my MY plan....they happen according to HIS! :)

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