Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My legs are falling off!!

I told you that I started the 30 Day Shred last legs were sore earlier, but as the day has gone one it has only gotten worse!!! I can barely stand up/ sit down!! I feel like an old woman!! Now my arms are sore as well and my abs are definitely joining in on this party.  Tonight, my little guy had football practice so my friend and I walked around our school while they were practicing.  We were walking at a pretty fast pace - I was sweating and panting.  We walked probably close to a mile and a half.  So, I've made an executive decision.....there will be no shredding tonight!! I seriously don't think I could do it if I tried tonight with the pain in my legs.  Plus, I feel like I got a good walking work-out in....I'm trying really hard to justify it - is it working??? Someone please tell me it's okay!!! LOL

Not sure why or what the difference was today, but at lunch time I was not a bit hungry.  I ate a little bit, because it was lunch time and it was my one chance to eat before 3:00 but I truly wasn't hungry.  I hope that is a good thing - especially since Dr. Marsden said that this would be when I started feeling hungry all the time.  We'll see...maybe I'll just take a banana for lunch tomorrow. 

For now, I'm am going to drag myself to my bed and crawl in it!!! Good night blog world.

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