Friday, September 9, 2011

Weigh Day - 21 Days

Oh, Happy Day!!!! So many things to add to my Book of Awesome for the day!!

     1. It's Friday - obviously awesome!
     2. The weather today is beautiful!
     3. Our friends from Lubbock are here for a visit
     4. Aivry has his very first flag football game this Saturday
     5. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow
     6. It's weigh day and I lost 2 pounds!!

My weight today is 340.8 - I'm hoping to see a number in the 330's next week. (Seems odd to hope for that!) Oh how wonderful it will be to see a number on the scale that doesn't begin with a 3!!! That day will come, I know - just need to continue to be patient and diligent!!

I have scheduled my first fill appointment.  I was very disappointed to find out that they can't get me in until October 4th!!! Hello....that's like 4 weeks away!!! She did say that they have cancellations all the time, and that I should call and check often for openings. Trust me, I will be doing that!

I need to get back on my Shred bandwagon - I still have not done it since the first night. :( I'm so bad!!!! I won't make excuses this time - I was going to do it last night, I even put on my clothes, and then I conveniently found something else to do instead! What was that other thing you ask??? Clean - yes, I said clean.  I would rather clean my kitchen, floors and all, than to exercise for 20 minutes.  Isn't that ridiculous!!! I need to get the booty in gear and do it again - maybe the pain in my legs and arm will go away if I do it like I'm supposed to! :)

Happy Friday blog world - this chicka is out!

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