Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not a good idea....

I made a decision last night and it did not turn out so well!! I am a belly sleeper - always have been!! I love to bury myself into my blankets and pillow and snuggle down in the bed.  I remember the point during my pregnancy when I was unable to sleep on my stomach anymore and I was so sad.  Since being banded, I have not slept on my stomach because I feared that it would hurt.  Last night I thought, it's been over a month, SURELY I can sleep on my stomach now.  WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my stars!!! I woke up in the middle of the night and the spot where my port is was hurting so bad!! :( Is this normal?? Is it because it isn't completely healed inside?? Will I ever be able to sleep on my tummy again??? Ugh...if you know the answers to these questions, please advise! I know that sleeping like that is not good for your back - yeah, yeah, yeah! Hahahha.  I will tell you this....this chick will be waiting a while before trying that again! Boo!!! Dislike!! Hiss!! :)

Other notes....
I got on the scale Monday morning (yesterday) and I am at 340.0.  The 330's are lurking just around the corner - I can see them!!!! So hoping that I am there on Friday - can you see me crossing my fingers?  I am still feeling a difference in my clothes.  I would say most noticeably in my bra - sorry if that's TMI!! My husband is not liking that part!! :) Also noticing a slight difference in my pants - like in the leg and the seat.  They are droopy and saggy....both good things if you are trying to lose weight. I keep telling myself that it's designed to be a gradual process.....


  1. I sleep on my stomach...don't remember exactly when I was able to start doing this...but it will come.

  2. Oh, I am so glad to know that!! Thank you!! :)

  3. You can sleep on ALL sides again...someday :) I still get my port caught on the washing machine (trying to dig stuff out sometimes) so still be careful. But hang in there. !!!! You're doing great!

  4. Good to know! Thanks Cerise!!