Thursday, September 1, 2011

Post-Op Follow-up

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since my surgery and I just got home from my post-op appointment with Dr. Marsden.  He is so nice!!!! I love that he makes me feel good about coming in and good about my decision to have Lap Band.  He's so genuine and non-judgemental. Basically...I <3 my Dr.! :)

My incisions are healing nicely and itching like crazy!!! He removed the steri-strips, so my belly is naked again. :) I'm supposed to schedule my first fill appointment for the middle of September - little nervous about that! I know that I have the access port, but what is the shot going to feel like?? I guess I will find out soon enough. Dr. Marsden also said that within the next week or so, the swelling inside my belly is really going to subside and with that comes hunger.  He warned me that I may be grumpy and hungry all day - yikes! I'm interested to see what the next week will bring me - I'm hopeful and optimistic.

Tomorrow I will weigh again - hoping for good numbers. :) I need to get by booty in gear and get on an exercise plan.  I have never been good about exercising....if only it was something that I enjoyed! More to come on that topic!!

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